About Us

Hawaiian Furniture and Lamp Company crafts furniture modeled after traditional designs from the 1940′s and 1950′s. This theme of “Old Hawaii” is both gracious and comfortable.

Hawaiian Furniture and Lamp Co. Inc. has found a renewable source of Acacia wood from an environmentally sustainable plantation in Indonesia. The highly curly grain of this extraordinary Acacia wood is in the same family as the rare and extremely expensive Hawaiian Acacia Koa. So it is possible to buy solid wood ( Acacia ) at prices that you will not need to mortgage your house to afford.

Our prices average 70% less than local Koa furniture made in Hawaii.  The value of solid wood furniture will be a investment that you will hand down to future generations.

“Carving is truly a lost art in Hawaii. These traditional sets are one of the few places where people can see the beauty and natural history of this rare art form, ” says owner, Sean Gilbert. (Waikiki Wiki-Wiki Wire, 2005).